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This is your chance to to access my personal investment strategy in real time. See the what, why and how behind my decisions and use as much of my roadmap as you want for yourself.

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From the Desk of Emmet Savage

Co-founder and Chief Investor, MyWallSt

I created Horizon with the very bold goal to pick new stocks with the potential to 10X in value over 10 to 12 years.

I pledged $200,000 of my family’s money to this project and flung open the doors to my home office to allow others to follow along.

We named the service Horizon, and we only allowed 50 founding members to join us in those early days…

Since then, membership in Horizon has grown far beyond what we ever expected.

It turns out people all over the world really wanted an inside look into what I’m personally investing in and why. But more important than our fast-growing numbers are the success stories that roll in almost daily...

Here’s just a glimpse of the wins Horizon members have celebrated since they joined:

Long-time MyWallSt subscriber Seth's portfolio has grown 150% in the past 10 months since joining Horizon.

And while Phil's index funds were down 12% during the height of the pandemic, the value of his Horizon portfolio grew 19% over the same three months.

Ryan doubled his money in the first 5 months.

Rex's portfolio shot up is $30,400 since he joined Horizon.

Join Horizon

So, today, I’m very excited to welcome in another class of Horizon members.

While Horizon’s primary goal is to make generational wealth a reality for its members, it’s become something much, much more...

Join a growing community of people who are finally becoming the investors they’ve always wanted to be.

Not only are Horizon members loving the market-beating returns these stocks have had since day one…

They’ve also gone from having little confidence and investing erratically to “serious investors” who put money in the market with confidence, consistency and determination.

Many members say fear used to keep them from investing the way they knew they should. But since joining Horizon...

They’re using their new-found knowledge combined with the honest, straightforward guidance inside to take back control of their financial futures.

Taking the plunge and making bigger and more consistent investments than I would have normally done without the guidance of Emmet and Horizon.”


Horizon puts even complete beginners in the driver’s seat and gives you a roadmap to 10X your investment.

Horizon members come from all over the US, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Africa.

Some members never even purchased a stock prior to joining Horizon. While others are lifelong financial services professionals.

What they all have in common, however, is the knowledge that if you want to master something, you find someone who’s already achieved it and learn directly from them.

Horizon is unlike any other investing service in existence, because I make sure you understand exactly why a particular stock is worth owning before you add it to your portfolio.

I do that by getting on camera and sharing the research and analysis I’ve done that has led me to the decision to buy a new company and hold it as a long-term pick for the next decade or longer.

“I love being able to follow a mentor. I’ve also enjoyed seeing my portfolio grow.”


What you get from me in every message, stock pitch and video I deliver is 100% transparency.

And I always do it using language and concepts anyone can understand.

No matter your age, experience or income, Horizon gives you a real-time roadmap to building a portfolio that aims to outperform the market by a significant margin over the long-term.

No matter where you are now on your investing journey or what undesirable detours you may have taken, chances are I’ve been there too.

“I am just so happy with what I have learned. If you can get these results with a regular Joe like me, you're definitely doing very well!”


How does someone who once lost everything in the stock market now have the audacity to show others how to beat it?

I don’t hide the fact that I once lost all the money I had in the stock market.

In my twenties, I began investing during the run up to the dot-com bubble.

Back then, you could pick a ticker symbol out of a hat and with 99% certainty get a stock on its way up.

After 4 years of investing, I had amassed more money than anyone in my family would have ever dreamed possible.

I thought I was invincible.

Then, the bubble burst. And I lost everything in a matter of weeks.

An illustrated chart of Emmet's first major crash.

I could throw in the towel and tell myself investing is a game best played by someone else...

Or I could figure out what I did wrong. Chuck the behaviors that were killing my profits, and eventually develop my own strategies for analyzing and picking long-term stocks...

And I could try again.

You can probably guess I chose the second path.

Over the next 20 years, I transformed myself into one the world’s pre-eminent investors. I’ve been called “The Toast of Wall Street” by The Independent… I’ve been featured in Forbes, CNBC, CNN Money, Inc. and USA Today.

I co-founded the award-winning investing app MyWallSt. So far it’s been downloaded over 2,500,000 times and counting.

Since that fateful day in 2000 where I stood slack-jawed staring at my then worthless portfolio…

I went from virtually nothing to a stock portfolio that’s worth more than all the income I’ve earned over my lifetime.

What’s more, I built that hugely valuable portfolio off end-of-the-month spare cash.

Small, regular injections to my portfolio every four weeks… month after month and year after year.

How is that kind of leap possible?

By investing that cash in stocks that far outperform the stock market average over the long-term.

So, if you’re like I was then and you don’t have $20,000… or $10,000… to get started with right now, don’t worry. In fact, smaller sums monthly bring the best success.

You don't even have to invest as much as I do each month to make this program work for you. Many happy Horizon members start off with $500 per month.

What’s most important is to get started and stay consistent…

Horizon’s ultimate goal is to create a hands-off investment strategy you can count on to outperform the markets year after year, compounding your investment capital on autopilot – just like I’ve done for two decades and counting.

See, year after year, people asked me, “Emmet, what are you doing right now with your family’s money?”

Before Horizon, I’d share a personal investment now and again on Twitter or when I was chatting someone up after a live event...

Emmet's up-to-date returns on his portfolio

A recent glimpse at the portfolio that turned my fate around... I fully expect the performance of the Horizon portfolio to exceed this one over the long-term.

But I quickly realized I wasn’t giving people what they were really asking for…

An inside look into my accounts… my research… my time-tested formula for creating real wealth of extraordinary stocks.

So just over a year ago, I decided it was time to create another seven-figures from scratch.

Only this time, I wanted to give investors the opportunity to follow along…

Emmet in a crowd, chatting out the number one question he always gets asked: "What are you doing with your money right now?" Horizon is the answer to that question.

The number one qestion I get after every live event is, "What are you doing with your money right now?"

Horizon is the answer to that question.

I’ll only recommend buying a stock if I am comfortable putting thousands of dollars of my own money into it.

With a real money service like this, I am only successful if YOU are successful.

Because I’m investing in these companies with my own cash, you’ll know that I have put in the time, energy and analysis to make sure they are investments I truly believe will outperform.

You’ll get nothing but my genuine, unvarnished, transparent take on each stock up for consideration.

Just in case you’re not sure how much time you’ll have to dedicate to building your own portfolio alongside me, here’s something to take note of:

You can spend 10 minutes or 10 hours per week using the Horizon service... And still see the same results in your account.

“Horizon is a huge return of investment on my time. We can always make more money working, but we cannot make more time. This is the magic with Horizon. Saving my time so I can spend it with my kids, which makes the service priceless.”


Take a look at everything you get throughout the year inside Horizon...

Regular video stock pitches whenever a stock is in consideration for Horizon. An inside look at how I choose my winning investments and the thought process that goes into it.

A real-time, inside look every time I add a new stock to Horizon. I’ll give you advance notice every time this happens, so you can buy in at the same time I do.

A real-time, inside look every time I increase my position in an existing holding. Market drops are a gift if you play them strategically, creating valuable opportunities to double down on high-flyers.

A real-time, inside look every time I sell a stock. This will be the rarest video of all three, but if I see opportunities to redeploy capital into better, long-term investments, I won’t hesitate to do so.

24/7 access to our active investments and its real-time performance to date. See the companies, tickers, charts, analysis and recordings of all videos I’ve released.

Weekly “Eyes on Horizon” newsletter. A digest where I share my personal market commentary, analyze impactful events at the companies we own and tell you what to keep an eye out for in the week ahead.

Exclusive Interviews with key executives at the companies we’re invested in. I sit down for virtual meetings with C-level insiders of companies inside Horizon. I ask them tough questions passed along from Horizon members. Videos are posted on the members only Horizon website.

The Horizon Community Board. Filled with like-minded, wealth-seeking investors just like you, the community is a place where members can gather virtually to discuss the stocks in Horizon, get feedback on your own investing ideas, and ask questions that will be answered by me or my team members. We’re all on the Community Board interacting and contributing regularly. And as a new member, you get to roll your sleeves up and dive right in.

Priority access to a dedicated customer service team. Trained specifically to help Horizon members take maximum advantage of their membership.

Luke, our customer service representative.
Luke Brennan
Horizon Customer Care Team
Poppy, our customer service representative.
Poppy Murry
Horizon Customer Care Team
Join Horizon

With everything Horizon has to offer, you can see why member Ash says

“I’m excited to use the Horizon service each and every day!”

However, if you prefer to just copy and paste the investments I make, that’s fine too. You can safely ignore everything else and spend 10 minutes a week watching my video pitches and reading buy alerts.

Nothing makes me happier than knowing I’m able to provide the guidance Horizon members need in any market climate and every stage of their lives.

And while I’d love to offer a space today for everyone who’d like to join...

I’m only opening up 250 spots for new members today.

See, Horizon is very personal to me, so this has never been about attracting a  mass audience.

I’m bringing you into my home.

I’m chatting with you on the community page.

I’m ad-libbing videos in the mornings for you. You’ll see my office (even on messy days)… you’ll hear my dog, Bowie, barking in the background… and you’ll get a direct line to the way my mind works each time I put my own family’s money (and future) on the line.

And I'm analysing companies to invest in every single day.

This is why I prefer onboarding a smaller number of new members per day. It gives me a chance to say hello to each one of you in the Horizon community.

It also gives our customer service team the time required to really help you get acclimated in case you want any hand holding.

We’re close to hitting that number already so make sure you don’t miss out.

Four additional perks you'll going get as a Horizon member...

Members-Only Benefit #1: Guest Pass to Horizon Annual Meeting for two.

Members-Only Benefit #1

Guest Pass to Horizon Annual Meeting

In December 2022, we’ll hold our next Horizon Annual Meeting. We’ll look back over the year and study how our our stocks performed relative to our 21% CAGR benchmark. We’ll look at where we find ourselves in the current market cycle. And I’ll share how we’re going to build our portfolio to take advantage of what lies beyond 2021. I’ll offer a breakout session to help new members like you get off to a running start.
It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

And because I know these topics may be important to your spouse as well (or even to a friend who has a vested interest in the markets), you’ll receive a free guest pass for one person of your choice to attend.

CAGR Book Cover Image

Members-Only Benefit #2

The Essential CAGR Toolkit

By popular demand! We’ve taken a previous workshop and turned it into a self-guided kit you can use to gain mastery of the concept of CAGR and use it as a benchmark for your own investing success.

You’ll get a copy of "CAGR: The #1 Way to Measure Your Success as an Investor" Guidebook.

This all-in-one kit shows you how to track and improve your success as an investor using the same method and tools I have for two decades and counting.

Investing Journal Cover Image

Members-Only Benefit #3

Your personal copy of the “Horizon Investing Journal” Ebook

Starting an investing journal is one of the best things you can do as an investor. In fact, all my notes leading up to each of my investments inside Horizon are all in my handwritten journal.

But if a book filled with blank pages is intimidating to you, you’ll love the Horizon Investing Journal.

Because I’ve taken the way I use mine and created a template for you to follow as you grow your portfolio.

It even has a place designed specifically for you to track your CAGR year after year.

Extraordinary Stock Checklist Cover Image

Members-Only Benefit #4

The Extraordinary Stock Checklist

This checklist is the answer to one of the most common questions I get…‘How do you decide a company is a good investment?’

Before I even consider spending time tracking a stock, I need to know if it has the characteristics of a winner.This is the same checklist I use to screen stocks before I add them to my personal watchlist.

You don’t need to spend years working out what to look for like I did. I’ve condensed the most important things to look for into this one PDF to help you identify potential winners with more confidence in less time.

Join Horizon

I hope it’s obvious that I’m pulling out all the stops to make sure that, just like Peter or Ivan, Horizon is the best investment you ever make in your financial future…

“Honestly, Horizon is the best investment I've made in my finances. It has been so worth it in addition to the MyWallSt subscription. It opened my eyes and gave me confidence in companies I would have otherwise overlooked. Thank you and keep up the great work!”


"Horizon has exceeded all expectations so far. I regret nothing!! The ROI for this service has been spectacular, and I’m confident it will remain so in the long term."


And if you too allow me to guide you and your hard-earned money on this journey to building generational wealth via the stock market, I want to make sure I give you the best price I possibly can today.

But, I’m not blind to the reality we’re all living in right now.

Maybe you’ve scaled back on hours to homeschool your kids this year...

Or you sold at the bottom and are scrambling to make up for those investing missteps…

Whatever your situation happens to be, if you are determined to do what it takes to build real wealth, then my team and I want to help you do that.

That’s why...

You can join Horizon right NOW for just $2.74 per day.

A product shot with all the products and services included in Horizon.

Horizon Membership

1-year Horizon Membership

Horizon Investing Journal

Guest pass to Annual Meeting

Unlimited Access to Horizon Community

Onboarding Video Series

Dedicated Customer Care Team

1-year membership to our MyWallSt App

Special discounts on future products


for the year, or $2.74/day

Why do our members say joining Horizon is the best investment they’ve ever made?

"Access to market beating stocks from Emmet and to be a part of a community where we share knowledge and learn from each other is a win for me.”


"Great service - pity it was not available years ago, I would have retired earlier!"


“Learning to trust the advice offered by Emmet has delivered great returns.”


“I highly recommend Horizon. Emmet is a rare and genuine investor.”


“Just one Horizon pick can earn your membership fee back.”


Horizon is only available to the first 250 people who sign up through this page today.

Join Horizon

Once you join, you’ll immediately have access to everything I’ve mentioned today, including your bonuses.

Given everything you’ve been through in the past year, I have one final question for you...

How many more years need to fly by before you wake up and realize…It’s time to get serious about how you’re investing your money.

The most common thing I hear from people who’ve already joined is that they took too long to finally get to the point where they realized they needed a service like Horizon.

And they refer to the money they lost along the way as “tuition.”

To be clear:

• If you do not follow a plan...
• If you don’t have long-term mental discipline...
• If you can’t tell me each position you own and why you own it...

You are putting yourself at risk to suffer a catastrophic loss.

Just like what happened to John...

"Emmet's approach is consistently good. You’d be a fool not to follow him. Previously, I had lost 70% in pharmaceutical stocks and 93% on marijuana stocks. Today, when I compare the returns of my picks and Emmet's picks side by side, it’s like night and day."

John, Ireland

Join Horizon

Right now, I am picking companies in Horizon that I believe will be the next generation of Dells, Amazons and Netflixes.

And, really, all you need is a decent stake in just one to make all the difference.

I can’t emphasize this enough… if you are determined to:

• Beat the market by a wide margin
• Stay invested so compound growth can work for, not against, you
• Own shares in the some of the most promising growth stocks of the next decade…

Then Horizon was made specifically for you.

“Prior to following Emmet, I lost over $60,000 in bad investments. I found myself at 40 years old with two kids, a nice home and multiple cars but ZERO plan for how to invest in my future. Since joining Horizon, I have followed Emmet’s investment to the letter. I estimate I’ve made 20 times more profits than I would have over the past 12 months if I hadn’t taken his advice.”


So if you’re sick of lying awake at night, worrying about your portfolio…

If you’re frustrated by money managers and financial advisors who aren’t giving you the full picture or the best advice about your own money…

Or if you’re at all nervous about investing in stocks right now...

Joining Horizon will be the key to keeping your emotions in check and optimizing your returns over the long-term.

Join Horizon

I hope you’ll take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to become the investor you’ve always wanted to be.

By saying YES to accepting guidance from an investor who has beaten the market  more than 3 to 1 over the course of two decades…

By saying YES to building a portfolio designed to target a 21% CAGR over 12 years…

By saying YES to buying and holding with confidence, consistency and calm…

Your life could change forever. It’s as simple as that.

Look, if there is anything 2020 taught us, it’s that you cannot predict what’s ahead.

Not by a mile.

What you can do, however, is build high-growth, future-relevant investments designed to gain exponential value over the long-term.

And you can develop the mindset and fortitude you need to step back and let that well-crafted portfolio do its work building wealth for you..

That’s why the action you take today will determine whether you set yourself up for a real shot at amassing a level of generational wealth you and your family can be proud of…

Or whether you’ll be kicking yourself for making a new mistake in just a few short months.

Whatever you choose, I know you’ll do what’s right for yourself, your family and your future today.

Which is exactly what I'm doing inside Horizon.

We are almost full - Join Horizon today!

We're almost full. Join Horizon and become the investor you always wanted to be!

Join Horizon
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Emmet Savage
Co-founder and Chief Investor